Customer Journey and CRM course (MMU)

Would you like to blow your customers away with an incredible customer experience and get to grips with how to make this happen behind the scenes?

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An Introduction to the Course

This is a new course designed especially for small business owners based in Cheshire and Warrington and is fully funded by the European Union European Regional Development fund and the Business Growth Programme Cheshire and Warrington.

This new customer journey and CRM course is a new added extra for any small business owner who has already completed the 12 week growth programme (delivered by Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

“It’s been a fantastic opportunity to go into some real depth for detailing your customer journey and working through it as a group was like the ‘cherry on top’ too!” – July course participant

Here is a very quick run through of the details

  • A four-week course
  • This will be broken down into a four-hour session each week for four weeks.
  • A max of eight people per course
  • Thursdays, 9.30am-1.30pm
  • A commitment of four hours a week for four weeks and an additional 2 hours a week implementing what you have learned.
  • An activity-based course and by the end you will have created your own customer journey specific to your business.
  • Free access to a learning board with resources to help

Cost: FREE if you are based in Cheshire and Warrington, have potential to grow and have completed the growth programme at any point in the past.

Is the course right for you?

You may like to check if this course is for you by running through the checklist below.

  • You have been in business between 2 and 4 years.
  • You have grown your business organically through blood, sweat and tears.
  • Your customers love what you do and good word is spreading.
  • You fear that if you grow any more the wheels will fall off and a bad customer review is just waiting to happen.
  • You are piecing it together behind the scenes and each customer ends up having a different experience.
  • You know you are going to have to hire help, but first you need to empty your head.
  • Your business is ‘you’ and no one else can do what you do.
  • You have heard of this thing called a CRM, but wonder how it can help your business.

If you can relate to at least two of these points, then the course is for you.

“Loved, loved, loved, the toast process exercise” – July course participant

Course Outline

Week 1-Introductions and your present state

By the end of this session you will have explored where you are now and where you want to be. You will explore the ‘everyday’ relationship you have with your business and customers. We will start to map how you track interactions with your customers and where the gaps are for you?

Week 2-The Customer Journey- the beginning and on boarding your customers

By the end of this session you will have mapped the beginning and middle stages of you customer journey process. You will pinpoint the bumps in the road and how to navigate them. You will share experiences of working with your nightmare customers and think about how to set customer expectations.

Week 3- Building customer relationships and delivering the day to day.

By the end of the session you will understand how you want to build on the relationships you have with your customers. Explore how you can stay in touch regularly without being a pest!

You will also understand the importance of processes in order to grow your business and how you can begin to step away from the detail.

Week 4- Introducing a CRM into your business and your next steps

By the end of the session you will have had your first introduction to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. You will explore the idea of a CRM in your business and the benefits they can bring. You will see inside a simple generic CRM system and explore how to select a CRM for your business.

What Happens Now?

If you would like to know more and start the process of booking your place, then it would be great to have a chat with you to get the ball rolling.

“Great session with lots to think about and actions to take” – July course participant