Laura Beckett, Quietly LoudLaura Beckett


Laura joined my Customer Journey and CRM course in November 2022. She set out with five other business owners to collectively plot the customer journey for their business and to begin the process of implementing a CRM. By the end of the course (and with two hours one to one coaching) Laura has a clearer understanding of her business processes, customer interactions and is set up with Capsule CRM.


A little bit about Laura…

Laura Beckett is a copywriter and owner of Quietly Loud. She helps small businesses and startups to find the right words to describe themselves and their business through clear and engaging writing. Laura often works with people who have no idea how to talk about themselves, or where writing isn’t their strong point – or those who don’t have the time.

Laura chose her business name, Quietly Loud, because she said she’s not the loudest person in the room, and she doesn’t over promise – but writes great ‘copy’ to make her clients very happy.

Getting to know her clients, and figuring out how they want to come across to potential customers is key to Laura’s approach. She helps root out their key messages and brand voice, weaving this into everything she writes, whether for websites, emails, blogs, brochures, newsletters or social.

Laura considers herself as fuss-free, easy going, and honest. She loves working with similar people where she can develop long-term relationships. She particularly enjoys developing tone of voice, and turning confused messages and calls to action into copy (words) that generates engagement, enquiries and those all important sales.

Laura is looking for business owners who are not happy with the writing on their websites, emails or digital content. Those who have a new business, product or service that they want to launch and need someone to write their words.

Can you describe the problems that you were facing before you started the course?

I would meet somebody at networking, come home and I’d have business cards all scattered around.  I would have notes jotted down from the networking event, but nowhere logical to put them. I think I ended up manually writing to do lists in my notebook, so not great!

I couldn’t really keep track of who was who?  I would write on a whiteboard all my task lists and I’d put reminders in my calendar. It was getting confusing and the sheer volume of people I met at networking, I know some of them did fall by the wayside.

How was that affecting you and your business?

I felt quite flustered and disorganized. There were missed opportunities. There were important things that I wasn’t following up on because I didn’t have a system where I could go through and sit down and methodically work through, it was just ad hoc. I’d remember somebody that I’d met somewhere and send them an email or I’d try and connect with them another way. I couldn’t track all the potential opportunities and I have definitely missed new leads because of this.

What solutions did you try?

I just started writing it all in a manual diary. But then I found I was duplicating. I was writing in my paper diary and then things were going into my Google calendar. Sometimes I’d miss the things that were not in the paper one, they were in the digital one. Now all those tasks are in Capsule CRM so I’ve reduced work for myself.

Did you have any reservations about signing up to the course.

I thought that it might be a little bit too advanced for me. I thought it may suit people that had hundreds of potential leads. At the time, I might have be dealing with about 20 or 30. I didn’t know if it would be too comprehensive for me. But I’ve realized that it’s relevant to everybody, no matter how big or small your business is.

I kept hearing other business owners talking about what systems they were getting, and people would mention a CRM and I would have no idea what it meant. And because similar kind of small businesses were talking about it, I thought, right, this sounds interesting, but I had no idea what it even meant. All I wanted was to feel more organised.

Once I got over that, I just knew it was time to join the course.

Can you quantify the results that you got from doing the course?

I feel that there is more potential work there. I can see it clearer. It is a motivator as I don’t forget about important potential sales now. It also makes me feel optimistic that in the quieter times, I know there are prospects on my CRM who might be ready for my help that weren’t previously.

It also makes me realize that those what I was considering to be ‘one off ‘clients, are not one off at all. I now have ways I can stay in touch with them in the future. So, it’s not just about potential new future clients, it is having a plan for my current clients to be ongoing.

On a scale of one to 10 how likely do you think that you’ll be using your capsule CRM in a year’s time?

I think it is very likely now, because I’m consciously logging on every morning. So I think it’s essential.

Do you have any final words for anybody that might be thinking about joining the course.

I’d say don’t be concerned, regardless of the size of our business, it doesn’t really matter. You can start off with ten new leads and just build from there. See it as a digital diary for any kind of business.