“Let me lead you to the business you love”

You created the business you always wanted, it is doing well, your customers give you great reviews, but you are not 100% in love with it, why?

What is the missing 20%?

You may or may not know the reason why yet, but I can help you uncover the answers.

Typically, that missing 20% is down to a mixture of things, but often it is because you are running your business in your head,  you are juggling too many balls, and the fear of losing potential customer leads –  or even worse – forgetting a key task for an existing customer, are keeping you up at night. Sound familiar?

If your plan is to grow your business and to love it 100% of the time, then I am here to help.

Through my customer journey workshops and courses I help you to see the wood for the trees in your business. I will help you to unpack your head, and ask those questions that will provide the right solution for you.

Declutter your processes with VK Business Assist

Customers are the lifeblood of your business – are you ready to impress yours?

Typically, people come to me because they want to grow their business, but they feel stuck and frustrated.

You have something your customers love, people are buying, you are getting new leads, but you don’t have a clue how you got here.

Chances are it has been on a wing and a prayer, relying on your memory of each customer and transaction with no real consistency. Your fear is that as you grow it is only a matter of time before that system fails and ends in a missed enquiry, an incorrect order or a bad customer review.

I will help you map your customer journey through the eyes of the customer, and from your own business viewpoint. Together we will identify where some of your customers may be falling through the cracks.

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VK Business Assist
Planning and creating my social media content takes forever!Anything that I can do to help save time gets my vote.So I wanted to give a shout out to Hello Woofy. This is a social media scheduling tool that I use and it allows me to:📌 Create a library of content for repurposing📌Schedule posts for going out across different platforms on chosen days and times 📌Provides intelligence of news stories in my sector and gives me post ideas around that.I am a fan. Here is the link to find out ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

VK Business Assist
Chill, dont rush! 🏃 Before you plunge into the CRM deepend, how about you take a dip first...The worst thing I see is people putting a blanket message out to everyone in their network asking them what CRM they recommend? Of course we all love to be helpful with our advice and recommendations, and whilst that CRM may be good for them, it is not necessarily good for you. So how about you check out the one and only search engine for CRM's called Capterrawww.capterra.comIf a CRM is on your wish list this year but you dont want to rush into it, then why not come along to my free demo on Monday January 31st, 12pm-1pm. See inside a CRM and how it can help your business. Register your interest ... See MoreSee Less
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VK Business Assist
Are you lucky enough to live in Cheshire or Warrington? 😀 Well if you are, then not only can you enjoy fantastic scenery and things to do, you can also enjoy support from the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).If you are a small business owner and want to grow your business then you have various options to help you with that. One option is a four week Customer Journey and CRM course, which I have the pleasure of delivering through the MMU. This unique course follows on from the twelve week growth programme and the next course starts in March. So if you have completed the twelve week growth programme at any point over the last 4 years and want to join the course I deliver then let me know and I can reserve you a place on the March cohort. Here is what Michelle and Christian Ewan from Write on Time Ltd had to say after completing the four week Customer Journey and CRM course late 2021. Michelle and Christian make PR accessible to small business owners through their amazing membership group and packaged services. They help business owners to grow and thrive through positive media coverage and industry awards recognition. ... See MoreSee Less
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